Run No. 7 – Not quite perfect

Time 42’ 05”                      Total Distance 7.3 km (4.54 miles)

Not good today. Woke up, and as soon as my feet hit the deck I pulled on my running gear, a quick stretch and off out.

Sometimes that works.

Sometimes if you hit your system with strenuous exercise before it knows where it is, you just get into a rhythm.

Not today!

I just felt knackered from the off and all the way ‘round.

I was thinking that my 7th run since re-starting after a long break should have been good. Then I wondered why I made that connection between the number 7 and perfection.

I remembered it is from the Bible, in biblical symbolism 7 represents perfection. This probably originates with the Genesis creation story, where God makes a perfect world in 7 days (well 6 and a rest day!).

From then on 7 came to stand for that which is perfect ideal.

I then remembered the Number of the Beast – 666 – in the book of Revelation – a number which represents all that stands most forcefully against God and against good.

It struck me that we might have expected his number to be 111 and not 666. For surely that represents a greater opposition. Bu then I realised that the closeness of the numbers 6 and 7 is precisely the point.

The greatest danger to mankind are not the religions and philosophies that starkly contradict the Christian faith, they are too obvious, they stand too starkly against all the good and charity that the Christian faith promotes and demands.

No the real danger, the greatest threat are the religions and philosophies that are just a little bit off. Just so slightly deviant in a few crucial areas

  • Who was Jesus? Was He God incarnate – fully God and fully man at the same time?
  • What did Jesus do? Was His death on Calvary the unique salvific act that opens up to human kind the possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation with God, if we only repent of our sin and turn to Him in faith?).

Just a little off in these crucial areas and, instead of a faith that bring forgiveness of our sins and failures, reconciliation with God and the glorious adventure of working with Him in His unimaginable plans for the redemption of humankind and then who know what adventures in the eternity of His Cosmos, all you get is an ethic, a ritual observance, a philosophy.

The step from 6 to 7 makes all the difference.