Run no. 27 – Run ‘n’ Rain


Distance: 4.53 miles   Time: 40’34”

Holiday period now officially over, time to get back into some kind of routine and try to wind back the dial on the bathroom scales!

At the diocesan conference last week, as we were being moved into the main hall for the final Eucharist the ushers said “Please fill up from the front”.

Looking around at myself and the assembled clergy, it was clear that we were all doing pretty well in that department!

So getting back to regular running and a bit more attention to what I eat and drink, is on the cards to undo some of the damage.

It was a drizzly rainy day today. Not cold, just wet.

I absolutely love running in the rain. I don’t know why. Perhaps because my early running was as a boy in Scotland (where it often rains!) and maybe it reminds me of that.

Maybe it’s pragmatic and I just enjoy being cooled down by the rain as I run; but for whatever reason it is, for me, a pleasant experience.

And yet some people hate it; they can’t stand running in the rain;

There were certainly no other runners in evidence this morning.

Which is a helpful reminder of the value of diversity within the church; it is good that some people enjoy some things that others dislike, it means that we can serve God in different ways.

I was at a training day for Messy Church on Saturday. Messy Church is an approach to Church designed to appeal to all ages. There are crafts that everyone can do together which help us think about the day’s theme. There are creative approaches to sharing the message of Jesus that everyone can engage with, and opportunities to respond in prayer and worship that everyone can join in with.

I think it is fantastic – but it is SO not me!

I am not a crafty kind of person. I don’t find that the way I engage most deeply with God is through artistic exploration or creation. I engage with God most naturally through text and my preferred worship style is liturgical and reflective rather than creative and explorative.

However, I am involved in helping at Messy Church and also in leading a Fresh Expression of church because I know that these other approaches are vitally necessary for many people; and they have been largely missing from the traditional expressions of Christianity.

And, as I am involved in these less natural (for me) activities, from time to time, one of these ways of exploring faith will really speak to me; and perhaps all the more powerfully for it being in a different register.

Difference is good. Embrace it.