Run No. 1 – Ain’t got no rhythm


It is on!

After a break from running for about a year – don’t know why, other than my wife and I had started to walk more, so running seemed a bit superfluous. Oh and the fact that it hurts and takes effort!

Having stopped for so long, starting again was really hard.

I thought about it for weeks, even months.

I convinced myself that I should.

I spoke to friends saying I thought I was going to.

I imagined running again.

But actually going out on that first run was hard.

All sorts of fears, questions, dread were raised in my mind.

All of which speaks strongly about the power of rhythm in a human life.

Just doing something on a regular basis, builds momentum, which really helps you to keep going.

Stopping. Or even just encountering a climb, pausing to cross the road; all of these break the rhythm and make restarting 10 times harder.

I’m pretty convinced that this applies in the spiritual realm too.

Spiritual practices – prayer, meditation, going to church etc. all benefit from the power of rhythm, all of them are so much harder to re-connect with after a break.

But today was my first run for about a year.

26’22” out to Watermeads docks and back.

It was less painful than I had feared it might be.

Although, tomorrow may be a different story!

But it shows that re-engagement is possible.

And as in the physical, so in the spiritual. At least that’s what I believe.

Dare yourself to do it!