Run no. 23 – Did God have a good time?

Jesus laughing

Distance: 4.53 miles   Time: 39’ 39” (New PB)

Nice cool morning, only 16°C.

Running felt comfortable from the off for some reason. Felt I was able to push myself and sustain a better pace. I have now taken 2’ 27” off my first timed run. Good to feel like I am making some progress.

It struck me that how I feel after a run is dependent upon a lot of different factors. How my body is, how the weather is, how the traffic is – I hate having to wait to cross the main road at the start and end of my run!

The time taken for the run is one of the most important of these factors, for, as I look down at my watch, I have before me the undeniable and enduring measure of how the run went.

In a book I was reading the other day, a youth leader decided to stop trying to run bigger, better and more costly programs, events and activities to attract young people and instead just give them an opportunity to encounter God.

One of the young people wrote about how the time had been so significant and powerful to her and she closed with the line,

“I think God had a really good time tonight”[1]

That sentence resonated powerfully with me, for it strikes me that if we could set our focus on making sure God had a really good time, our lives would be immensely more interesting, fun, exciting and meaningful.

For God loves us and wants to share our lives, He wants to honour us by involving us in His plans and purposes for the universe, He wants to make our lives count not just for time but for eternity.

Maybe each day we should live it will the goal of being able to say as we close our eyes at the end of the day,

“I think God had a really good time”

And if He did, then it is certain that we did too.

[1] Mike King, Presence-Centered Youth Ministry, Illinois : IVP, 2006, p64