Free Books!!!

Free Books!!

All of my 5 books are available for free in eReader formats.

If you have a Kindle you can download them from the following link:

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Free epub files (for PC) and paid for paperback and hardback copies are available here:

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Fuel for Pilgrims Books:


The meditations on this site are currently being published in book form.

These are re-worked, developed and extended versions of what you can access freely on this site.

They include meditation guides and suggested prayer responses for each meditation.

Each volume contains 40 meditations and it is hoped they might be used as a group resource.

Each individual would do the daily meditations on their own, then the group would gather weekly in order to share and pray through what they feel God has been showing them.

Each volume is being published in hardback, paperback and eBook formats.

Jonah the Epistle of Wild Grace

I have alsNewJonahEPUBNuCovo authored a 40 day meditational commentary on the book of Jonah (also available in French).JonasEbookCov

For almost 3000 years the story of Jonah has intrigued, amused, inspired, encouraged, a,d challenged people of faith.

This timeless story about one imperfect, complex man and his
difficult relationship with God continues to engage contemporary audiences.

Jonah enjoys a unique place in salvation history. His life reprises the actions of key Old Testament figures and also points forward to the New Testament and the coming Messiah.

Jonah’s story is a beautiful, complex, artfully crafted, work of minimalist literature which speaks a profound and resounding message of grace that still captures the human heart.

This book is designed to facilitate a 40 day, shared journey through the book of Jonah.

The radical revelation of the book of Jonah is that God’s grace is wild.

It refuses all human attempts to tame, domesticate, or restrain it.

This grace continually bursts forth, in the most unexpected of places, and reaches out to the most unlikely of people.

These books follows the same format – individual meditations with questions to guide reflection and self-application.

Again these books are both available in hardback, paperback and eBook formats.


As Pilgrims Progress


I co-authored a book on the grass-roots ecumenical partnering model for mission that the Rev. Prof. Dr. David BJORK and I pioneered in France. We went as Protestant Evangelicals in order to offer ourselves in service to the local Catholic church.

It was a glorious and amazing adventure as we sought to build trust and understanding and then to respond to the opportunities we were granted to help develop mission, evangelism and discipleship.

This book gives the theological rationale as to why this ecumenical in mission was a good thing to do and also shares the fruit of our experiences.

Readers will come to understand why Christians from different traditions should work together in mission, they will learn what benefits such co-operation bring, they will be alerted to the challenges in such ventures and the dangers and pitfalls to be avoided.

It is the fruit of some 30 years combined work in this pioneering approach to mission and had been positively received by many in the academia of mission.